Imagine there is no heaven

Imagine there is no country, no borders

Imagine there is no religion

Imagine there are no possessions

Lift your head up while walking alone and look around..

people!! just people is all you could see

creatures with same features as yours

good/bad; ugly/beautiful; old/young – we may be a unique combination of different characteristics but belong to same species..

battles for land,

for food,

for authority,

for love

have happened and have been happening since evolution.

Did world get better with anarchism, battles, intoleranve and suppression??

Earth weeps every time we dig a hole in the ground to bury an innocent kid dead in the wars during shootouts..

earth takes a gulp down its throat when dried the land with blood instead of water..

I’ve been striving hard to keep the promise I gave someone…my reflection in mirror…

that I wouldn’t see anyone differently.. discriminate on any grounds.. even if I face discrimination… 

I wouldn’t steal the right to live by killing

I wouldn’t steal the truth by lying

I wouldn’t steal happiness by hurting

Weapons of mass destruction is man-made…. money, rifles, missiles, Religion and ‘God’…

Belief systems we created in the name of God is to lead a better lifestyle. But has unfortunately shaped into erratic demon for some.

I join my voice with the lot praying that these massacres be stopped..

Many incidents like the recent France attack has happened… but only few make up to the front page news.. which is even more depressing… that people from news agencies wont find it worthy reporting..

Hope this world is filled with lush greenery than with graveyard of victims..

every time such attacks happen, we pray that no such event occur in future…

Intolerance is a burning issue…

how could we stop this ? how could we make this world a better place ??

Love your neighbor as thyselves

and when everybody does that, this world could be a better place.

#peace for paris


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