Previously, On Wheels – 1

The feeling of being on move is the sole reason my travel life has started, destination is just a mere excuse..

I  travel alone. Its a choice.

But this time, I have a companion. My Apache 160rtr.
I am the rider, I am the passenger. Luggage is my pillion rider.


Knew nothing about the place and yet after a brief stay, still wondering how much little I knew.

A place is not what it offers visually. Confluence of people, its natural scenics, history, Art & Architecture, Cusines, climate & many other facets define a place.

What today stand as ruins are monuments, places of worship and a King’s place. Ruins are not what they appear…

There are reasons for a place to be in ruins. Curiosity dragged me to nearest Archeology museum. An account of foreigner’s visits and their experiences in Hampi is being displayed. I could see the then Hampi through those words.


though restored/damaged…

this place doesn’t fail to make an impression of its existence, its strength, magnificence of constructions, its stance withstanding natural calamities and human destruction.

Some rocks seem to rool down any moment, but yet surprisingly hold together like lovers since ages.. I asked such rocks what has bonded them so strong with weak connection and thin contact.. they didnt reply as they are so indulged in themselves…

Though there are stories reported about the magnificence of Hampi.

There are places worth knowing. But Hampi is a place worth experiencing.

Places are same. History is same. But experiences are different.

Earlier people used to settle on river banks, in woods.
Nowadays, people much prefer to stay around printed papers. (currency)

4km ride from Kamalapur junction to Hampi.

Those were the moments I felt so proud of myself on my decision to go Hampi by bike.

Life without ups and downs, women and roads without curves are boring.
A touch of cool breeze even with sun right above your head, quite a pleasurable 10min ride.

I was not in a hurry. I do not have a checklist of places to visit, photos to take. Those 15hours of long ride from hampi is totally worth it…

Bought guide to Hampi along with a physical map. Took some time reading, knowing the place.. thats when I started to explore the soul of Hampi.

Learnt that virupaksha temple, right across Hampi bazar is in the heart of city.

Temple appeared normal. But the more I learnt about the place, I started looking diferently. Place didn’t change. My perception has changed.

Like finding a satisfied human being, found a BSNL “open” WIFI hotspot. Never been so glad to use BSNL service. The green lushy farms I came across reminded me of a telugu movie “chandamama” which deals with the subtle relation of Father-daughter. With lot of struggle to find right app to download songs illegaly, downloaded ‘bugge bangarama’ and ‘mukkupai’ songs that has been in my playlist eversince..

6pm and sun started fading out.

So lost in conversations and music that I forgot to watch sunset and didnt notice the darkness around.

Being human is a guest house where travelers are welcomed and entertained.

People lit up diyas in temple that gave inner walls of temple a complete new look.


There were people taking shelter, sleeping in the temple for the night and I was one among them.

I was so tired that i had no clue when I fell asleep though having constant company of mosquitoes.

Before lying on the ground like a dead meat, according to what book says, Vittala has to be my next site to be explored..

While walking around in temple late night listening songs, my feet sensed something… surprised by what I found on the ground..

I got hooked onto this place instantly… excited and nervous, slept like a baby without the fear of getting robbed, I felt so safe. Oh did I mention, Hampi is almost free from Liquor and non-veg that makes the place much special.. 🙂

Up Next  : On wheels – Hampi.02

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