We are our Tree’s unwanted, fallen children.
We are tiny metaphors for frailty.
Can you defend us? Can you serve justice to us? 

Who has mistreated you, Who separated you from the tree? 

The wind

I express my solidarity for your loss, but I cannot judge listening to just one side. I must hear both parties..

“Ofcourse”, agreed the pollen grains..

“Summon the winds” said the king and the wind  arrives almost immediately..

Case was closed and the Wind was set free because the pollen went missing.


The biggest fish in the river gets its way by not being special, not being strong or intelligent than others..
it gets bigger by never getting caught…
Some use money, some Age while some use Govt. to influence…

A honest tribute to such Big Fishes in our society…

P.s  Eagerly waiting to hear how the Black buck committed suicide..

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