The Light

The things I admired started scaring me

Ocean that caught my heart’s attention has turned to darkened water
Mountain cliff that had the best view of the city is now a danger spot
Stranded in the wild is no more an adventure, instead a run for life

staring at stars in the sky has blown a rage in me
these stars took away our future of union by its prediction

I thought I would have a say in my life altering decisions, but the horoscope reader did..

This life is a game of chess

You try until the end, 
you say nothing you move your silent piece,
When you have no moves left,
when all your options die-out,
Like a fight less chicken,
you give up.

sometimes,giving up is honoring someone else more than yourselves

sometimes,giving up is letting others try their shot at success

passersby may mock,
but valor pats on your back and says, “its okay, its the right thing to do”

There is no right or wrong in the tune of music,
the one who composes only know the rightdoings and wrongdoings..

Dedicated to my friend who is going through bad times

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