One day on a sea shore,

conversation between ocean water and rocks went like this

Don’t you have any moment of despair ?

Why would you hit me with your tiny waves?
I’m not gonna move an inch..

I’ve felt the setback several times.

I was calm as dead in the middle of the deep sea.
But then, my friend Air created ripples in me.
At dusk and dawn tides motivated me, pushed me to try further

you are rich with pearls, fishes, treasure and minerals.. why me?

How could my inclusion make you complete ?
Don’t you see, I have my roots here, My family is here.

Did you observe basalt deposits on you I’ve managed to protect you with ?
I’ve made you smoother with these waves
Don’t you feel the synergy, It would be good if we unite

I’ve seen your confluence with the rivers,

What identity is she left with?

Her waters got much space to explore now..

I could make you soft like beach sand…
Children would love to build castles with you
People would love you when they feel you beneath their feet..

I don’t need that quantum leap

This is my home and it will be..
I don’t wish to be trapped in a glass-hour
When your waves become intense,
you drag people into you and kill some.
I don’t wish to be part of that blood-bath

I would rather be safe-point here than a pleasure prize
One day, this algae might wash away from me.
There is room for hope If I stand strong..

Yesterday, I’ve decided not to join you

and some yesterdays always remain

Sometimes standing still could be the best move.

I love your companionship!!

You are the one motivating me by constantly challenging
You might wash away sand beneath me
but you couldn’t make me fall ever
I don’t yearn for a comfort zone

next time, don’t just gently touch me with your waves
Splash me with your energy..

This shore is our meeting place
This shore is my Paradise.

Ocean – the way world works
Rocks – your moralities/inhibitions

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