It starts with one thing

making a choice

with great expectations and set of beliefs; we set out to make all the right choices in life.
Only when we see other side of the world, we realize fair-play is a myth.

Fair play – most talked about, heard about, but doesn’t exist.

One preaches about peace and patience
but when its their turn to face;
the saint transforms into hypocrite.

Mistress runs to her lover with love
wife to her husband in need or out of jealousy
Every race is different

A sun at midnight knows no east, no west
a sun at midday look pointless, but on its race to meet the dawn.
Its lack of light/perspectives that make a difference.

feelings and time move like lightning and wind
they wont let anyone drown in the rain of memories.
don’t ask a settler a better place to live,
ask a traveller time-traveller whose home is the place he is headed to.

What makes nightingale unique among other birds?
Nightingale only chirps 3 months in an year,while other birds chirp everyday.
Speak your mind carefully like a warrior swings his blade : swift and precis.
No one cares about chirping of a daily bird.

There is a constant stream of new jokes on how to to lead a perfect life.

• Study  Find  job  Find partner  Get involved in the creative project of making babies 

Then push those poor babies into the same rigmarole.

We are unwanted children of God[existential citation required]
We start as children – pretend to be a grownup – end up as children again.

Its easy to be judgmental,
tough to retrospect and own their own faults.

A great mutual embrace is always happening between hope and satisfaction
we get hope from one source, satisfaction from other.

When time tends to absolute reality,

There is no morality,
neither perfection,
There is no right/wrong.
All that matters is making choice of their own liking.

After all, life is too short to live,laugh,love and travel in a safe verified path.

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