There are thoughts that cannot be bluffed

like this.

There is a constant war going inside the heart

like this.

Recollecting the broken pieces from past

like these.

World made me realize a smile can be corrupted
Deception is easier than being transparent..

like this.

How do you manage to get a passage into my dreams
amidst a busy day with mind cluttered with work

like this.

I stayed awake the whole night accompanying moon to stop dreaming of you
I ignored you like I ignored my sleep

like this.

But the moon reminded me of you

like this.

I slept during the days so that I can consider you as a daydream

like this.

I tried channeling my thoughts..
But when you or your thought passes by,

like this….

My mind became a Prism exposing bad n good moments in my life
Like a child left alone in a room full of ice-creams,
knew nothing other than to gobble up.

Like this.

How do I emote my feelings ?
How do you lock me in this prison of feeling I have no key for?

Like this??

How do I explain something I have no idea about?
Why do I keep answering myself ?

Like this.

My mirror says move on, my beloved says move on,
Why do I stay in the same place ?

Like this???

Why do I derail my concentration letting such thoughts cross my mind ?

Dear Memories, I’ve been meaning to tell you..
Go away!! Or give me more wine.

I realized and started living life of my own,
Whenever I feel proud of myself on my decisions

like this,

you poke and create a ruckus in my mind..

How foolish I was to ignore sleep and you, my dear MEMORIES

like this.

you whip me not to forget the past

like this.

I hate to admit.
This pain from this whiplash keeps me alive,
expand realms of my emotional balance
and rediscover myself by each passing day..

Questions lies in the answer and answer lies within the question

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Just like the paradox of happiness!!!




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