existence of excuses

lock 1000 people, and they fight with a banner of a god
they created “religion

Lock 100 people in a cellar, several groups unite and form a community
they created nations and the tag “sons of motherland

Lock 10 people in a room, they formed groups and divided themselves
they invented a  rule book “social acceptance

Lock two people in a room, they fought for dominance
they  started being “competitive

leave two people in a forest, they fought together for survival against wild species
they termed it”fittest of survival

leave a person on an island, he battled his way out
he finally came in terms with the term “humanity

Whatever comes in this world, comes from a need,
a sore distress, a hurting want.

every existence has its excuses

 and every excuse create ruckus
answer to that ruckus is the reed with holes drilled into it
reed that plays music of love, peace.
Ever thought of The God we are praying to, has been in human form at-least once.
We fail to grasp the underlying message of the basic concept of God,
God was and is in the human form for the selfless service one renders to their fellows.
God’s message is sound and clear, our translation is poor.

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