second chance

What is second chance?“, asked Laila during her bedtime story.

He grabs her close, and says..

“If you put on shoes that are too tight
and walk out across an empty plain,
you will not feel the freedom…
until you take off your shoes.

people at a distance see you walking there
and wish they were out in the open like you,
but as the saying goes, they are not in your shoes.

Before sleeping, you take off  the tight shoes and release yourself.

Second chance is a chance for freedom we gift ourselves”

The little girl couldn’t understand what her father meant,
and so he continued…

We all come from mother’s womb,
we all had a life in there
9months pass,and its time to be born
she gave us a second chance to live in an alternative universe, this place.”

Laila asked him to elaborate further, to which he told,

I was once travelling alone on a bike
I was alert and cautious, then a heavy vehicle came on to me.
like a raging bull in sight of red flag.
I thought I will die but miraculously escaped..
I boast that missed accident as adventure”

but in reality, that’s the nature’s way of giving me second chance to see another day”

Little Laila unable to comprehend shook her head in all directions. And so the father continued trying to explain,

“when your mother was about to leave this world,
she knew I couldn’t live without her
so she gave me a beautiful princess
in the name of Laila, she gave me a second chance to live”

but daddy, you got more than one chance/cause to live another day,
then why would you consider every time as your second chance when its 3rd chance, 4th chance, 5th chance..” asked those tiny little eyes..
her father replied
success is full of relatives and friends whereas failure is an orphan..
many times we fail to achieve what we desire,
all those failures are considered as a single entity, an orphan
success that follows failure is the second chance everyone talks about..

second chance is when we give chance to ourselves.
thought of Second chance cross the mind when we count the first.

Laila had a broad smile on her face, pecker on her father’s cheek and slept like a baby.


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