Define : Enemy.

What does good life mean to you?

Apart from random combination of money, happiness, family, job security and basic requirements.

Really hope there is something else that adds to it.

While travelling, my interaction with variety of co-passengers and travelers From various educational and professional background helped me gain perspective.

Common point of discussion at one point or the other is about progress of this country.

Some were highly optimistic and some were utter hopeless which reflect a lack of awareness.
While only a few had realistic approach and an idea of what is going on.

Everyone expects politicians and bureaucrats to perform at the best efficiency while their personal contribution tends to zero.

Enemies are not just at borders;

The real Enemy lies within.
In form of passive acceptance of those who suffer,
and the ignorance of those who witness it.

This life is not just yours, its a sacrifice of million lives. We owe a lot..

to the faceless and selfless heroes at borders,
to bureaucrats doing their best to avoid wars and conflict of interests in closed rooms,
to honest politicians who sacrifice their personal life for betterment,
and of many unsung heroes with the sole reason of improving quality of life shaping the person you are today.

Its easy to stay in closed doors as a passive judgmental consumer of the freedom we experience,
toughest and the soul-satisfying is to be an active contributor, giving a piece of freedom by empowering them.

A simple act of kindness could change be a life changing moment for someone in need.

My intent is not to offend or to question one’s morality,
but to remind basic essence of humanity, a gentle reminder.

PS : Personal opinions.

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