01.Humble beginnings

A journey began.
not to prove a point, not in search.
With half filled backpack and fully packed apprehensions,
With million unsaid words and silent thoughts.

A journey began,
To find serenity in myself that effectively cuts through the clothes of nationality, caste and religion to reveal the bare bones of humanity.

Every journey starts with these warning signs.
Start listening and the commentary goes on.
Its better to leave footprints and fall than not to try walk at all.

The lines above holds valid and true if and only if the outcome is positive.
Failure is the rejected twin with deformities no one likes to accompany.
No one really cares the emotions it holds, the beauty inside the beast.

People always have an opinion no matter what you do.
On a finite timeline, everyone turns out to be a hypocrite.

One may accept whatever comes his way, call it destiny.
Perhaps that just might be lack of hesitation. The inability to say NO.
Destiny isn’t what we settle for,
it is what we make of our capabilities to realize that unfinished dream.

All roads lead somewhere. Well, not necessarily in every case.
It feels good to be lost sometimes.

At some point of time in life,
Aren’t we all lost somewhere trapped in the wrong direction,
with all the lamps lit in darkness,
unable to retrace back to when we were good
because the footprints got swept away,
because we no more identify our past footprints.
The bee that lost its way back made flower its home.
Home is where comfort is.

Trains passed by, wonder when my train arrives.
An old couple were waiting for their delayed train.
Conversations kept us busy.
The train arrived.
They boarded.
It left the station in a jiffy.

Isn’t it amazing that things we look out for come and leave like it never existed before.  while we wait a life-time to board them?

Perhaps its more of our interest than their presence that makes the whole scenario exciting. It matters most to those who have crave, those who seek pleasure in its presence.
While for a regular passenger, its nothing more than a carrier.

The same train, same time and the same ID proof.
But a different person:qualitatively and quantitatively.

02. Trains,tunnels and lullabies→

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