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There is an unearthing comfort in relieving childhood memories.
With every new friend, the moments of childhood are constantly discussed and debated.
When mother runs out of ideas to embarrass, she picks up the childhood mischief stories to narrate.

As puberty hits, the belief system takes a shift. Love and social acceptance takes the center-stage.

Craving for love from people we haven’t met in our short existence becomes the life-goal.

In the transition from a kid to an adult,

We allow our memories to be ruptured,
smile corrupted,
feelings abused,
dreams hacked,
intent challenged,
heart bruised,
peace squandered,
and happiness dependent on others leaving ourselves vulnerable.

It is the dynamic thought process and questioning ability that resurrect the freedom of one’s own independence lost in history.

There are several phases in one’s life.

There has been a phase in our existence timeline.
Where,we spoke more through eyes, rarely with voice.


There has been a phase in our existence timeline.
Where,The world was too small to wander. Mother’s lap is the most comforting place to be.

There has been a phase in our existence.
Where,where calm behavior seems insane!


There has been a phase in our existence.
Where,the real existence has been sealed in embracing the moment rather than striving to capture


There has been a phase in our existence.
Where, we celebrated little moments with freshness inside chest

Traveled the world with bigger footprints


we didn’t shy away to watch what is happening around


When love brings in freedom, that freedom brings in reverence and also the child in oneself.

Then, that way, I became the child for the moment.Again.


This is how I pose when asked to (posted  this pic just for the hot lady)

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