The Revisit – 02.Freedom

There is a river and two shores.

On one side, there is spirituality divinity, history, art and architecture.

On other side, there is  Kishkinda. The roman-chic place in complete contrast to Hampi.

We got the first hand information that last boat on either shores leaves at 6pm.
But heard someone saying, people will transport even late at night at extra cost.

Laziness prevailed on us.
And then we were on one side of the shore in the dark waiting to be smuggled to the other side of the river.

A coracle has come to out rescue in darkness. But surge pricing has hit us hard. What costs 10rs at day time has been priced at 100rs.
Thats around…(you do the math)

This is nothing like my last visit. Finally we have encountered the rare species with rare clothing.

Girls were mostly in shorts, hot and extremely hot and sultry.

A few of them have joined our coracle, squatting, facing each other inorder to balance out the boat.

In the early moments of the short journey,

a girl giggled and said in breaking tone”my a$$ is getting wet”

another shortly made a statement, “I am wet” laughingly.

Our captain was not able to row us to the other shore because of the strong current, and the coracle was filling up with water slowly.

They were mixed emotions.
There was fear of drowning in the middle of the river, and the excitement of hot girls that spiced up the moment.

Confused, excited and scared at the same time.

Expecting  to reach shore ASAP, and expecting the moment last long.

This GIF perfectly sums up our situation 


It was an emotional moment when we reached the shore watching the girls walk away.

We reached our room and stretched a little over the table getting ready for dinner.

My friend had the privilege of watching intense action over other table where the girl was provoking the beast in her boyfriend.

Imagination did play dirty picture, what more can a dirty deed lead to!!

“Shortly”, in shorts came our neighbors and settled at a table opposite to us.

We gathered the courage and money and finally ordered a beer that costs a fortune.

We had chicken, we had beers, we have ‘live action’ infront of us, BOOM!!

Then came the most important cameo in our trip.

Meet Miss.Cat who was initially shy went blazing guns when she saw…

We caught him several times in his herculean attempts to get hold of the beer and handed over to his master.

We felt lazy and started playing with him and set him free.

She went to the opposite table and surprised the short girl. she freaked out and asked us to help with the cat.

Then at that moment, the ice broke.

The short girl asked us for a little hash in exchange of weed.

She gave us a look when we told that we don’t smoke.
Then, there for a moment we thought of contemplating suicide for the insulting top to bottom look she gave.

She came in like a little angel in our life and “rolled” the evening for us.

The girl opposite to my friend started touching herself on the mattress. May be she was high, or may be she intentionally did that. It was a wild night.

We were busy drinking eternity from the fountain(pippet rather) of youth 😉

Kishkinda was indeed too hot to handle.
It took several hours for eyes to adjust to such a humanly naked town.

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