01. packing, unpacking : In between

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Have I packed well atleast this time?

the question that have always bothered in past,present and future tense of any travel.

Even after a good recovery from what was biggest setback in my career; I couldn’t move out of the city.

One fine morning, there was an ad;there was a quote I came across.

“take your body where your mind is”…

words are translated inspirations of human experience. And sometimes those words in its entirety guide us to seek  new experiences.

After a long exercise of packing and unpacking, nervously kicked off for yet another experience after 99 days of hibernation in hometown.

Spice-jet has this amazing tag line if noticed.

Which goes as:  hot. red and spicy.

The moment  I saw air-hostesses, I was enchanted by their designed smile and beauty. The tagline maybe about them.

As soon as the flight took off, the window seat offered a magnificent view of the city.

On a normal day, we look up for stars in the sky.

But that moment, it felt as if I was searching to find out which constellation(city), those stars on earth belong to.

Somehow, fight-club deeply impacted my conscience that i envisioned engine failure/ mid air collision/ Radar failure/ going south for north/ crash-landing or a failed take-off.

Thanks to Air Crash Investigations by NGC which taught million possible ways to die on an air travel.

Being addicted to railway travel, the flight left me wanting more.

Unfortunately, its the era that values time more than the experience and quality..
Like a fan feels for a classical tale longing 8 hours is slashed to 8 min musical skit.

Though adaptability has its demands, there is this deep sense of satisfaction in living with the original.

The question just got its answer while retrieving luggage at the destination.

Not packed well. One of the shoe fell off from the bag and traveled solo on the conveyer belt. It became a comic relief for the fellow co-passengers after a turbulent flight.

and some of the songs on my playlist weren’t fit to purpose.

Of course, the packing may be imperfect… but not the content the bag and my mind had.

And the best companion I ever had is with me.*(except that one time in Kashmir)

thanks to fukat ka tata-docomo airport WiFi.

2 Replies to “01. packing, unpacking : In between”

  1. One of its kind, Sam!! Mystic being on this planet! You are telling us the different side of travelling, making it more interesting. Keep up this good work. Stay motivated!!


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