Layover of 6 hours facilitated me to breathe normally and prepare for another cabin atmosphere.

This could be my last trip!

That’s what the thought always was.

We often get stuck, get out of it, then restart/start hoping that this would be the last time.

Nothing finds us on a trip, there isn’t a hidden treasure.

How could there be a treasure when the treasure itself is oneself?


As I roamed around passing through each and every gate my boarding pass has access to, a group of people wearing most typical Indian attitude with vegetables and rice satchels in their hands caught my attention.

In no time, the thought that came across my mind “why are these people here, they look so poor. How do they afford this”.

Retracing back those thoughts with guilt,
I cussed myself for reducing those people on grounds of appearance.

But the thought of where they are going kept me fascinated.

……Thousand words, thousand water drops and some thoughts later..

As soon as the first announcement for my flight was aired, a long strolling queue was formed by the same people mentioned before.

It was the most defining moment. There was a Ladhaki family, few Indian Army personnel, countable outsiders like me and the whole charter been occupied by people with rice bags and vegetables as their cabin luggage.


Another round of personal judgement has begun. I was more curious this time.

What business do these guys have in there? the question traveled along until there was an answer.

The usually welcoming Air-hostesses were visibly grossed out to welcome these people aboard.

Such racists!! I thought. Who am I to judge the crew for the similar thoughts I had earlier.

I haven’t paid attention while check-in. “any window seat with good view please” I asked.

In a way, my wish became true,  but wings/engines kept obstructing my view.

While the flight was taxing towards the runway, I was examining the rudders, cabin design, wings pattern and this..

the little breather hole.


Flight safety instructions began, air-hostesses were growing insensitive to pitch the people about emergency door exists.

“If there would be any complications in this flight and have to use emergency doors, we would disappear in these mountains”,I thought.

While I took out camera to do what I came for and asked the possibility for a seat change, the air-hostesses suggested I stay at my seat as the flight was full.

Immediately, the person sitting beside me asked,”kya bola tha janaab aapne usko?”(what did you ask her ,sir?”

I responded to the eagerness, “for a seat change.. to take photos from the window seat” in my most polite tone.

In close firing range, I shot my questions to them like a reporter as to how why they were travelling by flight.

They responded very humbly, for every word I spoke, there were head-turns which turned exciting from being scary.

As rough as they seem, they were extremely polite.

May be that’s the thing living in harsh environment that leaves them polished; leaving no scope for inner-harshness.

After 48 photos and heavy turbulence due to the mountains’ echo, reached my destination.

Some moments form >40,000 ft altitude :



PS : Unedited images : Please bear with the sensor dust in the images.



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