When we were growing up, many of us were told the stories of how being good, doing good things in life takes us to a place called heaven.

At some stage in life; after the imperfection and obstacles, we find reasons to believe that there is no goodness in the world, that this place is just another rude hell we end up rotting in.

Forced to believe that this is how it’s supposed to be, often translated as reality..
We surrender.

The winds along the river stirred a strange reminder of what I grew up longing for.

A place where even minute feels forever.
Where water rustles spoke music.

Without a hint, I was living in the past. Sep nov 2016.

Isn’t it how it is? Switching to past unconsciously, then pull ourselves into the present.

Past|Present|past|present and then Future (dreams in the dark), wondering if the timeline pattern is same for everyone.

Those moments were so pure,  when I thought of them just remembered nothing but the river itself.

Have you noticed ? the flow of rivers and the uncanny resemblance to humans ?

  1. They break away while flowing, forming meanders on their path.
  2. They break away, but wouldn’t stop.
  3. They may change their course in time, but not the direction.
  4. They leave away their broken parts as lakes and move on to unite the waters of ocean?
  5. The lake / leftover parts of the stream acts to purify itself with terrific stillness.

Inspiration  Travel  Relax.

May be I would never figure out why I am here.

I am in my own company, but there was a feeling of togetherness.

After all,this river is the character that reminded me, helped me realise what I was missing and what I deserve.

I always had this fear of forgetting. Constantly recollecting the memories wouldn’t help, may be its a big deal to my little brain.

Trying to capture every finest detail in words and pictures and hopelessly failing at it,
I kept following the course of river|Life on my borrowed bird.

Connecting dotskarakoram ranges by Samuel Reddyprogu on 500px.com

Off Season Greenery

Nimmoo by Samuel Reddyprogu on 500px.com

Easy choice.. Chiling!!
Choice in hand by Samuel Reddyprogu on 500px.com

Roads & mountains that guard the zanskar river borders.
Kaatru Veliyidai!!

Silently, the wind stole water.
Here is the proof.IMG_8449

Finally, the meeting place!
How many colors would blend in to form this!!


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