Hello friend,

Its been so long that your eyes and my words see each other again. Its good to see you.

Two simple words bothered me a lot before I do anything. When and Why.

And most of the times, I have proceeded without a definitive answer.

When exactly is the beginning of a journey. Is it when the thought to travel sprouts in the mind? was it the day of departure the ticket says? or is it when we begin to experience? When does it begin? That’s hard to say.

Time always dictated and kind of restricted my choices. It always decides the beginning and the ending, the time frame.

sticking to timeline had been my biggest pet peeve since ages..

A typical break of mine would mean ” start xx date; go somewhere neatly tucked away in the hilly regions/along a river, disconnect and live in solace, return xx date”.

I did all the research and planning this time too. Good ego scorched in me that I cancelled my initial plan 3 times just to prove self that I ain’t gonna dance to this weird tunes of time. It wasn’t out of rage, I wasn’t livid : I just want the control.

And when we travel with freedom from the timeline, wherever we end up is the right place.

I thought Delhi was the right layover point given its strategic location and transit options.


Been to this city since 2011. And On every visit, I discovered a new shade of it.

It will take a while for our brains to bounce back from the kind of history Delhi and its rulers has. The city currently serves as grand stage for our politicians to over-promise and under deliver.The center for bloated bureaucracy mess.

The place that always tops the list of most unsafest city in India.

A famous line goes by : “anything you say about India, the opposite is also true.1


Delhi is the perfect example to prove that point.

Souls with lots of dark filters and souls with best of intentions coexist as peas in a pod.

There is competition, aggressiveness, rage, robbery, sense of ownership over everything

There is also mild presence of kindness, compassion, concern and respect.

Its after visiting places, I have realized that this kind of divide and confluence is not just limited to a place, its a thing about human race.

I was just beating around chandi chowk, red fort, connaught place doing nothing. At one point it struck me, “may be I should dabble this time around settlements, try to understand why it is the way it is” which was intimidating at first but was phenomenal and so satisfying.

Its in midway that we discover true purpose of the journey. I found my reason, my why?

This is my attempt to stay close to reality.


I left Delhi for Rishikesh later with different interests.

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